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Anonymous asked: What's your love life like? Anyone you miss?

I definitely miss a past loved one, but it’s time I moved on. I’m in the midst of talking to someone really amazing now. She makes me happy and we get along really well so I guess you could say my love life is recovering! 

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The perks of being a filmmaker. You get to the amazing privilege to film in amazingly beautiful places! 

You see that stuff in the frames on the wall? That’s all hair from people who have died all over the world. Including presidents and other famous people. It’s safe to say that I feel very uncomfortable. #longhairdefinitelycarerightnow #hairmuseum #filmtravel
On location at a library with glass floors! I love my job! #film #travel #lml
And here’s a photo of me taking a photo of my B camera doing a time lapse of the sunset. #laughoutloud #nohashtag #canon #sunset #travel #natgeo
IMG_5597 on Flickr.
It’s getting pretty windy and cold in Missouri. I love my life. #film #travel #adventure #yolo
I was just in a several ton metal tube levitating in the air for 3 hours and SOME HOW I have just landed in Missouri still alive. HOW. #science


Meerkats make the best photographer’s assistants EVER.

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